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SuperSkids400 are just what you need for your 400 to 450 size helicopter. The built-in passive suspension is designed to isolate your helicopter's frame from impact forces.  Fits Esky HoneyBee King2 and Belt CP, Axe CP, E-flite Blade 400,Walkera DF36 and similar 400 size helis, T-rex and similar 450 helis, and some 300 size helicopters. Fits the Esky HoneyBee FP V2 & CP3, and the Exceed Falcon 40 V2 (requires Adapter22 for the F40 V2).

[See a mini review of SuperSkids400 on a Honeybee King2 at RCUniverse]


Available in black (SLG400BK).



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SuperSkids400 on an Esky Belt CP


We now have a limited supply with Silver and White landing gear.

(The skids have a smoked anodized finish on all models.)


                 M.S.R.P.  $18.95

                 OUR PRICE  Only $14.95

In Stock


 SLG400BK - Black

In Stock


 SLG400SV - Silver

In Stock


 SLG400WT - White





SuperSkids400 on an Esky HoneyBee FP V2


SuperSkids400 on an Esky Belt CP

SuperSkids400 on a Walkera Dragonfly 36 (DF36)



SuperSkids400 on a Walkera 22E (requires Adapter22 )


Custom Yellow SuperSkids400 on an Esky HoneyBee King 2

[note: SuperSkids400 weigh only 3 grams more than stock King 2 landing gear (the same weight as half a sheet of printer paper) but are almost unbreakable and will absorb impacts from hard landings so less damage will occur to your frame.]


SuperSkids400 on a Blade 400.



SuperSkids400 on an Esky Big Lama (courtesy of Dane Chin, rtf-heli). White battery tray not included.




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