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Fits Walkera Dragonfly 4 (HM-004 & HM 4#), Blade CP +Pro + Pro2, EF Sabre, HoneyBee FP (not V2), HoneyBee CP2, Venom Night Ranger II, Twister, Dynam Hughes 300 Dynam Phoenix CP, Phoenix FP, Exceed Falcon 40 & V2, and others.


Available in black (ALG300BK ), or black & silver (ALG300BK-SV).

SuperSkids3D on an Esky HoneyBee2 FP with Honeybee Cool canopy and SuperBoom.




         M.S.R.P.  $25.95

         OUR PRICE  Only $19.95

In Stock


ALG300BK - Black

In Stock


ALG300BKSV - Silver/Black


SuperSkids3D are lighter than our regular SuperSkids Landing Gear. They're for Advanced pilots who want to do aggressive, aerobatic flying and are extremely concerned about weight. SuperSkids3D have shorter skids and lighter mounts than regular SuperSkids Landing Gear, and do not include the wing, struts or tail fin. They're available in all black, and black with metallic-silver landing gear.


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Esky HoneyBee2 FP with SuperSkids3D and our SuperPack850 (7.4v, 18C LiPo) with a flying weight (AUW) of only 270 grams! That's about 30 grams lighter than the stock HB2 FP with it's stock landing gear and NiMH battery; and you still get strong, good looking landing gear with better flight time and performance. (Not recommended for beginners.)


Special installation note for Silver color landing gear:


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