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Fits Walkera Dragonfly 4 (HM 004 and HM 4#), Blade CP&Pro*,  EF Sabre,

HoneyBee FP (not V2), HoneyBee CP2, Venom Night Ranger II, Twister,

Dynam Hughes 300, Dynam Phoenix CP,  Phoenix FP,

Exceed Falcon 40 & Falcon 40 V2* and many others.

[* for BCP Pro 2 and Falcon 40 V2, see special notes at bottom of page.]


Available in white (SLG300WT) or silver & black (SLG300BK-SV).


Note: Silver & Black has silver landing gear 

                  M.S.R.P.  $31.95 

                       OUR PRICE  Only $24.95

In Stock


SLG300WT - White

In Stock


SLG300BKSV - Silver/Black

[* for BCP Pro 2 and Falcon 40 V2, see special notes at the bottom of this page.]



Jeremy Z and Roman of RC Groups review Authentic SuperSkids®  brand Landing Gear

on a fixed-pitch Honeybee and Blade CP.
- (RCGroups.com Feb 24, 2007)

Detailed Review


RCUniverse introduces SuperSkids ®

RCUniverse introduces SuperGrips™


The Walkera Dragonfly 4G1B/A (HM 4G1) is not the same as the Dragonfly 4 (HM 004).   Walkera 4G1A or 4G1B requires SuperSkids400 + Adapter22.



Don't settle for landing gear like this:

                                                            courtesy of Walkera.com 


When you can have this: 

"The best upgrade you can buy for your micro helicopter."

See what SuperSkids Landing Gear® can do for your micro helicopter:

  • Much stronger than stock landing gear.

  • Makes your helicopter stronger and more ridged – flies better.

  • Allows you to use standard batteries or longer Li-Poly batteries and still be able to balance the helicopter.

  • Allows better routing of the antenna with the included antenna tube - less radio interference.  

  • "Tail Saver" bead helps eliminate broken tail struts.

  • Pays for itself in stock landing gear replacement costs.

  • It looks better. 

At SuperSkids, we use only the highest quality parts and injection molding, and the most advanced engineering technology.



A little fun in the office with my son and a couple friends while testing the new prototype flybar paddles. Can't go too high, though, or we'll blow all the papers off the desks! This video gives you an idea of how your heli will perform with SuperSkids products.  Except for the landing gear and SuperPack1300 LiPo, this heli is STOCK. 




The SuperSkids battery tray is fully adjustable to take almost any size stock or Li-Poly battery. It slides back and forth so you can get just the right balance on your helicopter. You can use the supplied battery mounts or the stock battery mounts if you prefer.



The pictures below show the newest version (Rev.3) of SuperSkids Landing Gear® on a bare micro helicopter frame.  The helicopter frame is not included. Any parts you see in the pictures below that are already on your helicopter, are not included.  If you're still unsure about what's included, see the parts list picture below for a complete list of parts that are included in the kit.



Carbon fiber pattern is a water transfer applied over the flexible plastic wing and fin.


SuperSkids Landing Gear includes easy to follow installation instructions.


[SuperSkids® PARTS]    [On-Line Manual   [Install on GWS Dragonfly and other Helis]  

SuperSkids includes everything shown in the picture above including the tail wing, tail saver bead, tail boom struts, antenna tube, new battery mount (old battery holder can still be used), landing gear, skids, mounting plates, screws and even a nice, step-by-step instruction manual that’s easy to follow. You can install SuperSkids without the manual, but it’s there just in case. The kit comes partially assembled and only weighs 1 1/2 ounces.


SuperSkids Landing Gear®  in white on a Honeybee CP2



Night flight.     HoneyBee FP + SuperSkids Landing Gear + SuperBoom 305


Yes, SuperSkids Landing Gear®  is engineered to work with your stock NiMH battery pack.


We made this video to show that your helicopter should perform well with SuperSkids Landing Gear even with the stock NiMH battery pack that was standard in most older helicopter models. This NiMH pack was taken out of a 2 month old helicopter box, never used before and not even charged. Your fully charged NiMH pack should have about 10 volts. As you can see, this one only had 8.9v when we started the test. The heli used in the test has stock motors, gears, blades and 4in1. It's a heli I had on our test bench that was scheduled for setup (check gear mesh, balance and track blades, check center of gravity, set trims, etc.). You can see that it took me a few seconds  to get it under control because the setup wasn't started yet. If this heli can perform this way, yours should, too. If yours doesn't, you should go over your setup.





Available in white (SLG300WT) or black & silver (SLG300BK-SV).



(The instruction manual was printed before these models were released.)


Blade CP Pro 2


The Blade CP Pro 2 comes with a tail fin instead of the 2mm carbon fiber (CF) tail rod that came with previous models. You can still use the tail fin and bead from your SuperSkids landing gear kit, but you need to remove the stock tail fin and install a 2mm CF rod. The spot to install it on the tail housing is still there (see picture below). You can use one of the stock landing gear legs for this. If you need to cut it shorter, use a razor, saw, or Dremel cut-off tool. Don't try to snip it off.






Walkera V370d01, HM 4#,  Falcon 40 "V2"







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