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SB305 & SB267


SuperBoom 8mm Adapter SB000-A

SuperBoom  is our Titanium alloy tail boom. It's the same Ti alloy commonly used in aerospace engineering. SuperBoom has a nice, polished finish and engraved SuperSkids logo. Adding the power of Titanium to your micro heli will do more than just make it look good. Ti won't crack and splinter like the stock carbon fiber tail boom, and it's stronger and less apt to bend than aluminum. If you do manage to bend it, the bends are generally more gradual and easier to straighten. 

Our SuperBoom is available in 2 models. SB267 is 10 1/2" long (4.95 mm x 267 mm) and generally used on Fixed Pitch (FP) helis like the EF Sabre, Walkera DF4 (HM 004) and helis of similar design.  SB305 is 12" long (4.95 mm x 305 mm) and generally used for E-flite, Esky (FP and CP2) and similar CP helis. Esky Honeybee V2 series use an 8mm tail boom. SuperBooms require the adapter sleeve to work with them.

Note: On most helis, SuperBooms are designed to be glued in place with CA or epoxy in the same manner as the stock tail boom. The longer SB305 boom used with SuperSkids Landing Gear and some light batteries may make it harder to get a good fore/aft  balance, especially when used with aftermarket tail housing assemblies. If you need to trim (shorten) the boom for better weight distribution, be careful not to make it so short that you have main and tail rotor collisions. Trimming the boom in these cases is the customer's responsibility, not ours. SuperBooms are a stand-alone product designed to work on stock helicopters.




             M.S.R.P. $18.95

             Our Price   Only $14.95

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  SB267   267mm   (10.5")
In Stock


  SB305   305mm   (12")



Additional Information


I used a cheap tubing bender to make this Upswept Tail with a SuperBoom. It flies great!







On some helicopters, the boom is secured to the frame and tail housing with set screws. On others, it's glued in with CA glue. We recommend securing your SuperBoom in the same manner that the stock tail boom was secured (screws or CA). The set screw installation is easy.  If your boom was secured with CA, you may be able to remove it by using a liquid CA debonder (made by several companies). If the debonder is not effective, you can use a new frame and tail housing, or follow the instructions at www.super-skids.com/InstallSuperBoom.htm

SuperBoom 8mm Adapter


These adapters will allow 5mm tail booms, like our SuperBooms, to work with helicopters that have 8mm tail boom receivers on the frame and tail fin. Simply use CA to glue the adapters to your 5mm tail boom.



             M.S.R.P. $1.69

             Our Price   Only $1.39

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  SB000-A  8mm  Adapter








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