SuperSkids  is a growing company with an expanding line of high quality products. We have supporting offices in the US, Canada, China and Hong Kong. We're dedicated to making only the highest quality products. If we can't offer a product that we feel is better than other current offerings, we won't make it at all. 

Although we introduced our SuperSkids Landing Gear (Rev.1) in 2005, our production was low and we could barely keep up with the demand from our retail customers. We were contacted by several online and local hobby stores who wished to sell them, but we simply could not make enough Rev.1 or Rev.2  landing gear to supply them. However, during this time we worked very hard to earn an excellent reputation for our products. We now have thousands of happy customers, excellent reviews, and have received several complimentary letters. This hard work and dedication has paved the way to make our latest SuperSkids (Rev.3) Landing Gear, SuperBlades, and other items, easy products for our new dealers to sell. Along with our newly engineered products, we have moved manufacturing to our new factory, increased our production so we can supply all online and local hobby stores, and added several exciting products to our line.

If you have a local hobby shop or online store and would like to sell SuperSkids products, we'd like to hear from you. Our products are high quality, easy to sell and profitable for both local and online stores. For more information, send me an email at and I'll fill you in on the details. Please put Reseller Info in the subject line and tell me the nature of your store and include the location of your  local hobby shop or URL of your online store.

Thank you,

Gary DeRoy, Pres.

SuperSkids, LLC.





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