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Please note that we use dictionary definitions for common parts:


landing gear (n.)

The parts of an aircraft that support the weight of the aircraft when it is on the ground.

skid (n.)
A runner in the landing gear of certain aircraft.

strut (n.)
A supporting brace used to strengthen a framework by resisting longitudinal compression.




You have the choice of 1st Class Mail for $2.95 or Priority Mail for $5.95. If not specified, 1st class will be used.


                             Parts list - SuperSkids300, SuperSkids3D, SuperSkids400


Parts are as listed and do not include related parts. For example, if you order skids and also need the skid caps, you have to order them separately. The Hardware Set includes all the screws, nuts, bolts and washers used in the kit. We don't sell the hardware  items individually.


NOTE: Some items may be in short supply. If you order more than 3 of the same item, email me first to check the stock. 

* Skid Caps are low. Please order only 1 set at a time. 


WARRANTY - some landing gear parts, like landing gear, mounts, battery clips, and others, may be under warranty. If you broke a part and need a replacement, email me  first to see if it's under warranty. If the item is under warranty, all we need is a picture of the broken part.




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$ USD    
SLG300BK box of 10 superskids 300 complete kit, black 319.50  


SLG300BK-00 superskids 300 complete kit, black  31.95    
SLG300BK-03 landing gear, black (2) (also fits400series) (out of stock) 5.95  


SLG300BK-04 skid cap, black (4) (also fits 200 & 400 series)              *  1.95  


SLG300BK-07 tail saver bead, black 0.50  


SLG300BK-08 tail fin clip, black 0.50   


SLG300BK-09 tail fin, black 2.95  


SLG300BK-10 wing, black 3.95  


SLG300BK-12 rear mount, black 2.95   


SLG300BK-13 front mount, black 2.95   


SLG300BK-14 battery clip, black (2) 1.95  


SLG300BK-17 hardware set, black (all screws, bolt, washers, nut) retail 1.95   




SLG300WT box of 10 superskids 300 complete kit, white 319.50    
SLG300WT-00 superskids 300 complete kit, white  31.95    
SLG300WT-03 landing gear, white (2) (also fits 400 series) 5.95  


SLG300WT-04 skid cap,white(4)(also fits 200 & 400 series) 1.95  


SLG300WT-07 tail saver bead, white  0.50  


SLG300WT-08 tail fin clip, white  0.50  


SLG300WT-09 tail fin, white  2.95  


SLG300WT-10 wing, white  3.95  


SLG300WT-12 rear mount, white  2.95  


SLG300WT-13 front mount, white  2.95  


SLG300WT-14 battery clip, white (2) 1.95  


SLG300WT-17 hardware set, white (all screws, bolt, washers, nut) retail 1.95  




SLG300BK-SV box of 10 superskids 300 complete kit, black/silver 319.50    
SLG300BKSV00 superskids 300 complete kit, black/silver 31.95    
SLG300SV-03 landing gear, silver (2) (also fits 400 series) 5.95  



Parts Common to all Colors

ALG300-01 short skid, right (used on 200Short & SuperSkids3D) 2.55  


ALG300-02 short skid, left   (used on 200Short & SuperSkids3D) 2.55  


SLG300-01 skid, right (also fits 200Long & 400 series) 2.55  


SLG300-02 skid, left   (also fits 200Long & 400 series) 2.55  


SLG300-05 antenna tube, clear (also fits 200 & 400 series) 1.95  


SLG300-06 strut complete 1.95  


SLG300-11 battery rod (2) 1.95  


SLG300-15 battery rod grip (16 grips) 1.95  


SLG300-16 rubber band (2)  0.50  


SLG300MX box of 10 superskids 300 complete kit, 5 black, 5 white 319.50    




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