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Fun with the new Esky HBFP V2 (August, 2009)

(SuperBlades XP, SuperPaddles, SuperCF Flybar, SuperSkids400, SuperBatteryTray) 










These pictures were sent to me by Dirk Jorens.


The Honeybee King 2 is a great little helicopter, but the stock skids do break. Dirk replaced his with SuperSkids400 and he said they're working out great.  





This is Gary's Esky Belt CP. Some of the modifications include SuperSkids400, and a custom painted canopy. The decals are US Air Force replicas made with a paint program and printed on label paper.



Nice little Pylon Racer. These SuperSkids3D on a HBFP were white and dyed red. The white main & tail blades are from a Dynam Hughes 300. Canopy is for an Esky HoneyBee King 2. The # 33 and SuperSkids stickers were printed on a computer.

These SuperSkids Landing Gear look great on Mic Dressman's Dynam Hughes 300.

These are actually white SuperSkids that I dyed yellow with regular Rit Dye "Golden Yellow". The dye stays put with no chipping or cracking. Most of the parts only took 10 minutes to dye, depending on the concentration, but the skid caps and tail bead are made out of silicon, and I had them dying for a few days before the color took. It's easier just to touch them up with ink.

Here's Justin's nicely done Honeybee2 FP with HB King canopy and SuperSkids.


These  white SuperSkids are dyed Red or Scarlet. The canopy is from a Honeybee King. The tail boom is covered with 1/2" red, vinyl electrical tape. I made the red SuperSkids stickers on my printer and the chrome on the blades is a metal adhesive back material that I bought from a sign company. It may be made by Avery Paper Products or a similar company. With the chrome and the red, this heli looks really great flying.








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