on a DF36 (400/450 size helicopter)




This page shows you how to install the Super Battery Tray (SBT400) on 400/450 size heli frames. On some frames, you may need to drill 2 small holes. I'll be using an old Walkera Dragonfly36 (DF36) for this example.

Although we've included rubber bands and screws to fit most applications with this kit, it's impossible for us to foresee which size parts will be needed to fit every application. If your batteries are very small or very large, the rubber bands may not fit, and it's possible that your frame could need different size screws.


The picture above shows the contents of your Super Battery Tray kit.



If you're going to use the non-slip Orange Pad (recommended), you should install it now. It's a good idea to wash the top of the Battery Extension Tray (BET from now on) with soapy water first, then rinse and dry it. Fold back the protective paper about 1/2" (13mm) in the front and press the pad in place on the tray, then carefully peel the paper back a little at time while pressing the pad in place.

In the pictures below, I left the Orange Pad off during installation because it's easier to follow.



Place the BET on the frame. The BET has 4 posts for holding rubber bands. Make sure you leave enough room between the middle posts and the frame (1) so you can get the rubber bands around them. Some frames have openings here (open framework) so you can get the exact position of the BET later. This DF36 frame is not open, so I'll have to drill a couple holes. A 5/64 inch or 2mm drill bit works well. When you have the BET in place, use a pencil or an awl to mark the holes (2). It's sometimes easier to place the BET under the frame to do this, and drill the holes from the bottom.



I drilled one hole first, put the screw through the Filler plate and into the frame, and used the 2nd hole in the Filler plate to double check the position of the 2nd hole.


As you can see, I use a pin vise to hold the drill bit. It takes a minute longer to drill the holes, but it's easier to hold everything in place. A pin vise is cheap and it's an excellent tool to have. I paid $3 for mine 20 years ago, but you can still get them that will hole 0 to 1/8" bits for about $5 at places like ehobbytools.


When you have the holes drilled, put the BET in place and insert the screws from the top.


Use the Filler plate on the bottom to reinforce the frame. The other side of the filler plate has hex holes that will hold the nuts in place while you tighten the screws. Washers are not needed for this application.



This picture shows SBT400 on a Honeybee King 2, but I'll use it to point out how the rubber bands go around the hooks. You can use rubber bands or a Velcro strap to secure the battery. When using rubber bands on a 400/450 size heli, I've generally found that the 2nd one (near the tip) isn't needed.


If your battery is small, don't pre-stretch the rubber bands. If it's very large, you should pre-stretch them (use 2 hands). When you pre-stretch these rubber bands, they'll fit larger batteries and still have lots of elasticity. We supply these as a convenience, but please realize that they won't fit all battery sizes.


Finished installation with single rubber band and Orange Pad holding the battery in place.






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