On an Esky HoneyBee FP V2


This page will help to show you how to install the Super Battery Tray (SBT400) on a HoneyBee FP V2. The SBT400 will allow you greater fore/aft movement of the battery so you can get a better balance on your HBV2. While the SBT400 is always helpful, it's especially necessary if you've switched to a Direct Drive tail motor which adds a little weight to the tail.  

Installation is easy, but you'll need to make a couple small modifications. Use these instructions as a guide and you shouldn't have any problems. In most cases just getting it close to looking like these pictures will be OK.

I recommend reading the installation instructions for other helis as they may give you a better idea of installation procedures in general.


I didn't need the full length of the SBT, so I trimmed it just behind the 1st set of rubber band posts. A single rubber band is plenty to hold the battery in place. Do a test fit of the SBT on your heli and you'll get an idea of where to cut it. It's easier to do this before the SBT is mounted, and before you install the orange pad.




 To make the holes, you can use a small drill bit in a pin vise, or use the sharp tip of a hobby knife. Within reason, how far back they are isn't critical, but it is best to center them in the frame. You can use the Filler Plate that comes with the SBT400 kit as a guide for spacing the holes. The pictures above and below should give you an idea of where they're located in relationship to the rest of the frame. When you screw it in, the screws will go in from the top. They're a little hard to reach, but it can be done. 






As with most of our installations, it's recommended to move the canopy forward. You can do this by simply making 2 round holes (use a drill bit or sharp point of a hobby knife) in the canopy as shown and putting the rubber grommets in the new holes.










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