This page shows you how to install the Super Battery Tray (SBT400) on a Honeybee King 2 with SuperSkids400. The SBT400 will also fit the Compy/Guru/Neon frame and many 400/450 size heli frames. On some frames, you may need to drill 2 small holes.

Although we've included rubber bands and screws to fit most applications with this kit, it's impossible for us to foresee which size parts will be needed to fit every application. If your batteries are very small or very large, the rubber bands may not fit, and it's possible that your frame could need different size screws.

For illustration purposes, our pictures show the HBK2 battery tray not installed on the heli. While installation is certainly easier this way, we've installed this kit on an assembled HBK2 several times without problems.


The picture above shows the contents of your Super Battery Tray kit.



If you're going to use the non-slip Orange Pad (recommended), you should install it now. It's a good idea to wash the top of the Battery Extension Tray  with soapy water first, then rinse and dry it. Fold back the protective paper about 1/2" (13mm) in the front and press the pad in place on the tray, then carefully peel the paper back a little at time while pressing the pad in place.



Put the filler plate in the frame, resting on the landing gear. It should be pushed back as far as it will go, and centered side to side in the opening. Put a screw with one washer up through the bottom of the landing gear and into the filler plate.



For our application, we'll only use 1 washer with each screw. When installing on helis that don't have SuperSkids brand landing gear, you may need to drill 2 small holes in the landing gear..


Once you have the screw and the filler plate in place, add the battery tray over the screw and screw it into a nut. Leave it loose until you center the battery tray in the frame, then snug it up.


Once the first screw is snug, add the second screw, washer and nut, and tighten both screws.


Bottom view, screws and washers are through the slot in the SuperSkids landing gear.


Super Battery Tray installed in HBK2 frame. Finished assembly.


The Super Battery Tray has been installed on this HBK2 for quite a while. In this picture you can see the rubber bands holding the battery. In most cases, only the 1st rubber band (the one on the left) was needed to hold the battery securely.


If your battery is small, don't pre-stretch the rubber bands. If it's very large, you should pre-stretch them. When you pre-stretch these rubber bands, they'll fit larger batteries and still have lots of elasticity.


As with most of our installations, it's recommended to move the canopy forward on your HBK2. You can do this by simply making 2 round holes (use a drill bit or sharp point of a hobby knife) in the canopy as shown and putting the rubber grommets in the new holes.






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