Installing SuperSkids200 on a Blade CX3


SuperSkids200 on a CX3.

From time to time we'll use the names of different parts of your SuperSkids kit. Please note that we use standard dictionary definitions for these terms, and not every part of a landing gear assembly is a "strut" or a "skid".

landing gear (n.)

The parts of an aircraft that support the weight of the aircraft when it is on the ground.

skid (n.)
A runner in the landing gear of certain aircraft.

strut (n.)
A supporting brace used to strengthen a framework by resisting longitudinal compression.




First, assemble SS (superskids) landing gear on the skids and space

the landing gear the correct distance apart. Use the stock landing gear

to compare. This will make installation easier later on. The holes in the

stock landing gear should line up over the slot in the SuperSkids.



Slightly and VERY carefully, start the 12mm screws into the CX3

mounts. Don't go in very far, just a couple mm will do. If you go in

too far, the mounts may split open. When you've done all four screws,

take them back out again. This step will make installation easier later on.



On the top of the landing gear there is a long screw slot. Along the slot

there are marks that are spaced 30mm apart. These mark the spot where

the screws for the CX3 adapters are placed.

The CX3 adapters have a ramp on one side. The ramp should face the

REAR of the helicopter. It simply makes it easier to install the battery

as it can slide up the ramp.



The adapters will make it so the fuselage doesn't rest too hard on the SuperSkids

landing gear. Donít tighten the screws too much or the CX3 mounts will break.









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