Installing SuperSkids3D or SuperSkids400 on a Blade CX3


You’ll need some kind of spacer to go between our landing gear and the CX3 frame, otherwise the fuselage will rub on the landing gear. In about 3 months, we’ll have SuperSkids200 which will be a smaller landing gear. In the mean time, SuperSkids3D or SuperSkids400 will work. SuperSkids400 is a bit cheaper, but only come in black and has the longer skids. SuperSkids3D comes in black or silver and has shorter skids. 

The landing gear on both kits are the same size. If you don't know the difference between "Landing Gear" and "Skids", please refer to the parts list HERE.


Please understand that SuperSkids, LLC. has not officially given our approval to these modifications because we simply have not tested it enough. Although the landing gear won't break, we don't know if this will cause other areas of the CX3 to break, mainly the mounting posts.


This silver landing gear is actually a SuperSkids200 prototype, but

it gives you an idea of what silver looks like on the CX3.

SuperSkids3D in black on a CX3.


OK. Let's begin....


First, assemble SS (superskids) landing gear on the skids and space

the landing gear the correct distance apart. Use the stock landing gear

to compare. This will make installation easier later on. The holes in the

stock landing gear should line up over the slot in the SuperSkids.



Slightly and VERY carefully, start the 12mm screws into the CX3

mounts. Don't go in very far, just a couple mm will do. If you go in

too far, the mounts may split open. When you've done all four screws,

take them back out again. This step will make installation easier later on.



The spacer can be 1/8" to 3/16" and can be as simple as stacking a few

washers on top of each other. You can also make one out of balsa or bass

wood, or it can be the top of the stock CX3 landing gear.

Here I've made adapters (spacers) from 1/8" x 3/16" balsa strips. I drilled

the holes 30mm apart. You can also get the correct spacing by using the

stock landing gear holes as a guide. Put the wood strips on top of the stock

landing gear and push an awl or pencil through the holes in the landing gear

(from the bottom) until it marks the wood.

You can also make the adapters from your old, stock landing gear by

cutting them as shown with a razor blade or razor saw. Just lay the

landing gear on a table and cut from front to back. If the cut isn't square,

use an emery board to get it straight. It doesn't have to be perfect, just close.

Here is how the adapter made from stock landing gear looks.



Adapters will make it so the fuselage doesn't rest too hard on the SuperSkids

landing gear. Don’t tighten the screws too much or the CX3 mounts will break.









Copyright 2011, SuperSkids, LLC.