GWS Installation




SuperSkids were not designed to fit the GWS Dragonfly or other helicopters using this frame design. This isn't because these aren't great little helis, but simply because their frame design is a little different. While we say they won't fit, we know that people will try to modify them to make them fit. So, we don't recommend that you try the following modification and don't guarantee that it will work if you do try it. However, if you're determined to find a way to install SuperSkids on this type of frame, you may want to try this first. We don't guarantee the performance of SuperSkids after they have been cut or modified. I did all the cutting and drilling with an X-Acto knife with a new, sharp and pointed blade. Be careful. It's very easy to cut yourself severely with a sharp knife.


Before you start, be sure that your frame looks like this.



This shows the stock mount. The red lines indicate the cuts you have to make. Trim a little on the bottom of the opening, and trim the plastic off the sides of the opening by the tabs, as close as you can. This will allow the tabs to fit snug to the sides of the frame. After making these cuts, cut the upper part of the mount right down the middle as shown.




Here are front and rear views of the modified mount. Remember, you have to make this modification to the front mount, too.




The dotted line indicates the thickness of the plastic. You'll need 2 holes at the rear and 2 at the front of the frame. You can put the mount up to the frame (as shown at the right) to get an idea of where the holes should be. I did this and (with the screws removed from the mounts) used the tip of the X-Acto knife to poke through the hole in the mount and mark the frame. Then I removed the mount and put the point of the knife on the mark on the frame and twisted the knife back and forth until a hole started. Once the hole was started, I just screwed the screw in with a screwdriver to finish making the hole. From inside the frame, the hole is right in the corner of the plastic. The picture on the right shows the rear mount installed.




The picture on the left shows the rear mount from the left side of the frame. The picture on the right shows the front mount from the front of the heli.



This picture shows the finished assembly. The yellow SuperGrips are optional.

Good luck and happy flying.




The following pictures were supplied by a customer. I made some notes on them as he explained the conversion to me. This was quite some time ago, but I believe this is an older style GWS Dragonfly frame. I have not done this mod myself, so I don't know how effective it is, but if your frame looks like this, you may want to try it.







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